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artist spotlight

Introducing Nana Nozaki. An exceptional designer with a flair for the fantastic (and political), she designed our classic brew, THE MACHINE. If you like stripes, red, blue, and extraordinary design parties, look out for more of her work (soon)!

View her work at

Marz Community Brewing Co. is dedicated to making small, artisanal batches of beer in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. Then we share them with our families, community, and friends we have yet to meet.

what’s Marz is yours

Hand brewed
in Chicago

Our Beer

Here’s a few of our latest.

Look out for many more dropping soon.

  • The Machine

    American Pale Ale / abv: 5.3%

    With a nod to our hardworking and highly powerful political organizations here in Chicago, Marz made this delicious beer to buy your vote.

  • Jungle Boogie

    Pale Wheat with Rooibos Tea / abv: 5.4%

    Jungle Boogie is an American Wheat beer with just enough complex malt character to balance the Mosaic hops and fruity Rooibos tea flavors.

  • The Bubbly Creek

    Berliner Weiss / abv: 3.0%

    The Bubbly Creek is the first brew in our South Side Sour line. Our Bubbly Creek is a traditional German style top–fermented wheat beer, made with both traditional warm–fermenting yeasts and our own strain of lactobacillus plantarum culture.

  • The Bubbly Creek with Yuzu

    Berliner Weiss / abv: 4.0%

    The Yuzu fruit kicks up the tartness of The Bubbly Creek giving it an exceptional nose to boot.

  • Duchess de Bridgeport

    Sour Red Ale / abv: 6.3%

    A South Side Sour red ale brewed with our proprietary souring bacteria, Duchess De Bridgeport is our take on a Flanders Red. Notes of strawberry, dried fruit, and citric hops intermingle with a round lactic sourness. The Duchess is an homage to our mom, Maria Marszewski.

  • Ruby’s Tears

    Gose / abv: 5.1%

    The Gose style of beer originates from Leipzig, Germany but now we make it in Bridgeport. Ruby's Tears has a low hop bitterness and a complementary spice from the use of ground coriander seeds, with a slick salinity from the addition of lime sea salt.

  • Lumpen IPA

    Brown IPA / abv: 6.2%

    Named after long running counter culture magazine Lumpen, we made this IPA a little different than most. There’s plenty of body from caramel malts, a little roast from dark grains, and lots of Falconer’s Flight hop blend.

  • Lost Lake Exotica Ale

    Maibock Style Ale / abv: 6.0%

    Exotica Ale is our first collaboration with Paul McGee of Lost Lake. This malt focused, medium bodied, Maibock style ale is backed with a noble hop spice that compliments the flavors and dry finish of rums from various locales.

  • What the Pho

    Porter / abv: 6.2% / Seasonal – Winter

    Inspired by the Vietnamese noodle soup Pho, this Marz — Urban Belly Brew is an experimental spiced porter. We use our Bridgeporter base beer and age it on oak and sassafrass wood staves and infused with Urban Belly soup Pho base. The beer is then dry hopped with a spice blend of coriander, cinnamon, star anise, clove and peppercorn.

Who the hell are we?

The Marz collective is comprised of home brewers, professional brewers and artists that found each other while drinking beers at Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar. Our love of our neighborhood and good beer inspired us to create a new experience for natives and visitors to the Community of the Future: Bridgeport.

Who are the members of the Collective? Alex Robertson was born in a lacto pool and brewed at Crown. An original cholo, Mike Marszewski, is our guiding force. Pete Alvarado is a former Vice President of CHAOS home brew club. Johanna Wawro is our spiritual advisor. Michael Freimuth is our aesthetics impresario. Doktor Kazys Ozelis is one of Chicago’s veteran homebrewers and is a founding member and former President of the HOPS home brew club. Eric Olson and Ed Marszewski are beer nerds that hail from Maria’s. Mike Redwick is our guy who can do that. Mairead Case makes us look smarter than we are. Tom Piekarz came out of nowhere. Eli Espinoza is that guy who brewed everywhere. Tim Lange is an award–winning home brewer turned pro. And Steven Schaab showed up at the brewery all the time so we hired him. The lot of us has brewed in breweries around the city, in The Netherlands and in the great State of Indiana. We operate a six barrel system and we love it.

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3315 S Halsted St., Chicago Il 60608
The Community of the Future, USA


Head Cholo: Ed Marszewski / / 773.837.0145

Sales Cholo: Tom Piekarz / / 331.223.3226


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